I am very passionate about science and comics. I have written some fun pieces on the science of superheroes at:

CheMystery: is a graphic novel about two kids getting superpowers and exploring the world around them, and saving it, as they learn science. I use this comic in my classroom when talking about nuclear chemistry.

Fire – Salt – Slime: is a graphic anthology I wrote to show my students how to explore and be curious while learning science. There are three stories, which are in the title. 

Ain’t Us: is a short story I wrote and published as a graphic anthology, Stairway Anthology. This is a fun science fiction piece. Think Beverly Hillbillies vs. A.I. 

Work in progress:

I am nearing the completion of a third graphic novel that will be about cancer in Appalachia. Stay tuned for more information on that in the coming months. 

Also, I am in the beginning stages of plotting and writing my first comic about civics.